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Witamy na Old Brick!

Ta "strona powitalna" powinna być krótką prezentacją Twojej witryny. Poinformuj odwiedzających o tematyce strony. Przedstaw im produkty oraz usługi, które oferujesz.

Dobrze zredagowany tekst wprowadzający zwraca uwagę użytkownika i tym samym pozwala mu upewnić się, że znalazł to, czego szukał.
cegła cięta na ścianę Krotoszyn
The OLD BRICK that we offer is obtained from demolished houses and other building facilities, built from at least before the Second World War. Many of them are over a hundred years old. Bricks from this period allow us to achieve an extraordinary, ecological product that cannot be replicated. The passage of time has created a unique pattern on them, allowing each interior to acquire an original and one of a kind look.

Also tiles from the centre of the brick are great for decorating interiors. Thanks to old manufacturing technology, they have a fantastic, uneven structure that impresses with its variety of form and colour.
Cut brick is increasingly used by architects and interior designers. It can be used both in industrial, eclectic and rustic rooms as well as the outside elevation of the building. Contrary to common concerns, a properly impregnated tile does not absorb dirt and moisture.

Meeting the expectations of customers who value the uniqueness and specifics of artistic craftsmanship, we have introduced tiles with hand-painted motifs which we can offer. We have created the opportunity for your interior to become even more prestigious and full of character. By placing tiles with the image in the desired place on the wall, you will give the right accent to emphasize the style of your interior. There is a possibility to order an individual motif (e.g. based on a photo you send, business logo, motif related to your hobby).



Offered tiles made from cut bricks are a natural and historic product, therefore there is a possibility of discoloration, colour differences, nicks, cracks, chips, mortar residue, uneven surfaces or differences in sizes. The examples listed are treated as assets and desirable details that give the product its uniqueness.

When installing the tiles, do not take them in the order of packing, but draw randomly from different packages. Such a system will allow you to achieve a varied distribution over the entire wall surface, thereby avoiding colour-uniform stripes.

The tiles may break, e.g. in transport. Cracked tiles do not lose their properties (they can be successfully glued to the wall and the cracked line will give it a closer similarity to old walls).

Up to 10% of half tiles are allowed, which are used to start even horizontal rows (to achieve a stagerred between rows).


Due to the specific production technology, the delivered goods may be damp.

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